I like to keep this part short and sweet, we’re here to have a wonderful time, so please review the etiquette for my clients:

-Pre-booking 24 hours or more is strongly recommended to ensure you get to reserve your preferred date and time.

-Lets chat a bit about what you’d like to experience in your session, if you have fantasies I can fulfill, I want to make you happy!  If you’re not sure what you’d like, I can ask some questions to get us started.  This ensures we both know what to expect and nobody leaves disappointed.  

-Please be on time, punctuality turns me on!  If you’re early, go for a little walk rather than loitering, and if you’re going to be late, please let me know.  I am understanding if something comes up and you need to cancel, but if you stand me up, you may not get a second chance. 

-Donations are handled at the beginning of our date, please don’t negotiate rates, it makes my lip twitch in an uncomfortably unattractive way.  

-Restrictions are Greek and bareback (anything!) My safety is an important concern, so if I have said no to anything, that ALWAYS means no.  Please do not push boundaries or you will be asked to leave immediately.